Ever since its inception in 1992, with the awakening of the IT market in the Latin American region, Latinmedia Publishing has incorporated all its know-how of the IT Market into creating specialized magazines which today cover a great part of the Latin market.

The company has built its image with publications covering topics such as the Internet boom, and local news to become today one of the most respected companies in the IT publishing business in the region, with a client portfolio which includes the main wholesalers of the area and leading brands of the world market , which in turn are constantly supporting the company in all its endeavors, both in the publishing sector and in other areas where the company tries to play an important role in promoting a stronger bond among different IT business parts.

Currently the company is focusing on the Uruguayan market with its flagship magazine, Mayoristas & Mercado, and at the same time it holds a strong position in the Brazilian market with this year’s incorporation of the Brazilian market version of its main publishing capital; Distribuidores & Mercado Brasil, which, with the same publishing style of the Uruguayan version, covers the most relevant news related to wholesalers, corporations and resellers. Besides, with the publication Ciudad del Este TI, the company is reaching the triple boundary area and all of Paraguay.

As a way to diversify, the company is also expanding its Latinmedia Golf Division, which has acquired a strong foothold, and has sponsored all along the year a series of high quality events, among which the most important was The Latin Cup. This event has been taking place for the past 5 years in the most selected golf courses of the region and has gathered Directors, Chairmen and Presidents of the most important manufacturers with a focus on Latin America. People who do not only meet to play golf, but also to enjoy the haute cuisine and the most spectacular activities in a very friendly environment. Likewise, for many years the company has organized Latin Tour, Golf, Poker & Negocios, a series of events taking place along the year in top clubs of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay and which, as its name indicates, is the perfect combination of a relaxing time and the opportunity to clinch good business deals.

Along the lines of this category, and due to the success of each edition of the Poker Texas Hold ’em tournament in the event, a new division has been added, Latinmedia Poker Division. This division is in charge of organizing tournaments during the year and for the last event had the well known web site Full Tilt Poker as a sponsor.

This website has information on its present and future products and provides the reason why Latinmedia Publishing is a business partner you can trust to enter or retain your foothold in the Latin American market.